Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us.

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MayFord Glass Gallery, Inc.
MayFord Doors
6733 Jones Mill Court Suite B
Norcross, Georgia 30092
Telephone: (770) 446-1196
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your typical lead time?

  • Inventoried designs can be delivered the same day. Custom work may take up to 8-10 weeks.

Do you offer custom work?

  • We inventory many copyrighted designs but also welcome custom sizes and designs by architects, builders and homeowners.

Are your doors finished?

  • Due to requirement variations, we offer our doors unfinished. Finishing is available with an 8 day lead time.

How is your pricing?

  • Due to high volume, our pricing typically runs 25-45% below the industry standard. Please contact us to inquire about specific items.

What about installation?

  • Our installers have over 25 years of experience.

What type of wood do you use?

  • We only use select hardwood, primarily mahogany and red walnut to provide you with the finest door system available anywhere.

Where can I see your doors?

  • Come and visit our showroom in Peachtree Corners at 6733 Jones Mill Court Suite B, Norcross, Georgia 30092.

What are your hours of operation?

  • We are open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. We are open Saturday by appointment only. Please call (770) 597-6356 and Skip Ford will be more than happy to accomodate you.